John Cusack Joins Peter Gabriel On Stage During 'In Your Eyes'

Peter Gabriel welcomed actor John Cusack as a surprise guest on stage during his show at the Hollywood Bowl on Saturday, October 6.

Before the classic track "In Your Eyes," Cusack scurried out onto the stage, handing Gabriel a boombox reminiscent of the one he held over his head in the film Say Anything.

In the film, Cusack's character Lloyd Dobler blasts the track holding the boombox over his head outside the window of his estranged lover. The song was selected for the film by director Cameron Crowe, who was also in attendance at the show.

"Peter Gabriel and John Cusack on stage together at the Hollywood Bowl tonight," tweeted Crowe later. "Won't forget that . . . ever."

Videos of the gag are currently circulating the web and show an initially confused Gabriel laughing off the joke before introducing Cusack to the audience.

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