Rod Stewart Previews New Rock Album

Rod Stewart will be releasing a new album next year, his first of original compositions since 2001's Human. The album, which has yet to get a title, is due Spring 2013.

"It's all done," Stewart told Billboard. "I produced it myself. It's all finished, mixed, everything . . . Just a good, old-fashioned Rod Stewart album [with] a lot of mandolin and acoustic [guitar] and fiddles and good storytelling, I believe, too."

Stewart went on to say that he wasn't exactly in a hurry to write any new music, until an old friend gave him a creative push:

"About a year ago I was sitting at my house in England, and [long-time collaborator Jim Cregan] came around and said, 'Come on, let's try to write a song'. And I said, 'No, I can't be bothered. Those days are over'. But we sat down, I started humming a melody and he took it away and sent it back and said, 'Listen, this is pretty good', so I wrote some words for it and ever since then it's been just flowing like a river."

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