Lady Gaga Releases Second Teaser Clip Of 'Cake'

Lady Gaga has released another teaser clip for her new track, "Cake." In the first teaser, the Mother Monster is in a bra and panties, crawling toward the camera on all fours and later getting spanked in a tub by other scantily clad women.

In the new vid, Gaga is featured in a bra and panties squirming around in a mashed up cake and again later dancing in a tub. Both teasers were directed and shot by provocateur/pop impresario Terry Richardson.

"The real CAKE isn't HAVING what you want, It's DOING what you want. -lady gaga photo by terry Richardson," tweeted Gaga after the first teaser was released.

The track dropped on September 19 after DJ White Shadow posted it to his SoundCloud account. There was brief confusion as it was not clear that Gaga was the voice rapping on the track.

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