Paul McCartney Donates Neck Tie To Auction

Paul McCartney has teamed up with internet retailer e-Bay to become one of many celebrities to donate a neck tie to the Celebrity Loosen Up Auction. The event was organized to raise awareness and funds for cancers affecting men.

According to the organization's website, its mission is to "make sure that men in Scotland, particularly those most at risk of significant health inequalities, have open access to information."

Other stars offering items to the auction include Eric Clapton, Elvis Costello, Queen guitarist Brian May, Brad Pitt, Jay Leno, Mark Wahlberg and Katy Perry.

At eBay interested parties may bid on the items. Currently, Pitt's Gucci bow tie goes for 102.00, May's signed Hammersmith scarf goes for 52.01 and Perry's beige scarf goes for 53.00.

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