Celebs Celebrate Michael Jackson's Legacy On Bad 25 Special

Kanye West, Chris Brown and Mariah Carey teamed up to commemorate the 25th anny of Michael Jackson's seventh studio album, Bad, with the ABC network's Michael Jackson: Bad 25.

The tribute, directed by Spike Lee, includes commentary from the above mentioned artists along with Cee Lo Green and Justin Bieber.

"I think the Bad moment outfit-wise was far more influential than the Thriller moment," said Ye, musing on Jacko's fashion influence. "I almost dress like that today."

Lee, speaking with Zap2It, noted that the project was a no-brainer for him:

"When they asked me, I said 'yes' right away. I didn't have to blink. I like challenges, but I also love what I do. I don't really even consider it work. To me, it's a joy and a treat to do something like this."

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