Carrie Underwood Reveals Preview For 'Two Black Cadillacs' Video

"Two Black Cadillacs," the upcoming music video from Carrie Underwood, has been released in clip form. The video features a tale of intrigue, infidelity and murder.

Speaking with The Boot, Carrie said that track, co-written by Josh Kear and Hillary Lindsey, was a "fun" song to write:

"Obviously people know it's not my life. I try not to overthink it," the singer-songwriter says of the themes explored in the song. "If I had a whole album full of songs like that, it would be like, 'What is she trying to say here?'"

The official video for "Two Black Cadillacs," the second single from Underwood's Blown Away album, is due sometime in January. Fans can head over to Underwood's official site to check out the teaser.

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