Katy Perry Says She Feels Fat Without Spanx Garments

Katy Perry says that she often feels fat if she is caught without her Spanx slimming undergarments. During a recent interview on the red carpet UNICEF Snowflake ball, the pop icon said she felt self-conscious without her secret weapon accessory:

"I feel like my [fat] is sticking out so bad right now. I almost always wear [Spanx], but not tonight, and I feel it pushing out, making me look fat. I like to say I run on the elliptical for 30 minutes watching CNN, but I don't do it often enough. So I'm just like, 'Oh, I guess I'm not fitting into this Lanvin dress for these couple of months,'" she told Us magazine at the event.

Katy has also made recent fashion headlines with news that she's working with fragrance designer Coty Beauty. The company will reportedly take over production on Katy's current fragrances Purr and Meow and launch a new line next year.

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