Joe Perry Reveals Which Aerosmith Albums He Doesn't Like

In a recent interview with NoiseCreep, Aerosmith guitarist Joe Perry revealed which of the band's albums he considers duds. Asked where the group's latest, Music from Another Dimension, fits in the catalog, Perry pointed toward the big picture:

"In order to compare you have to not like something else. So I'll pick what I don't like and work my way up. I really didn't like Done With Mirrors. I really didn't like Just Push Play."

He added that other of the band's records, a list including Another Dimension, still do it for him:

"Then there are other records I really think we're good for their time, like Toys and Rocks. I still listen to those and I put this one in that category of a record I will continue to listen to a lot. I can't get enough of this one."

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