Katy Perry Honored For Empowering Gay Youth

Katy Perry was awarded the Hero trophy for her efforts empowering LGBTQ youth through The Trevor Project, a suicide prevention organization.

"I am so proud to be honored by The Trevor Project as a Trevor Hero," Katy told the crowd assembled for the ceremony. "I hope all LGBTQ youth know that they are as valuable as anyone else, that they are amazing and unique, and make the world a more vibrant place. Trevor's life-saving, life-affirming work helps youth find the future they deserve. I want every young person to choose to have a tomorrow and to dream for the future."

Abbe Land, director of The Trevor Project, spoke on Perry's fitness for the award:

"A couple years ago when, unfortunately, a lot of young suicides made the news . . . and there was a very visible presence of suicide, Katy stepped up and was out there in the community, speaking against it."

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