Gwen Stefani Joins Gavin Rossdale For 'Glycerine' Duet

Gwen Stefani joined husband Gavin Rossdale on stage at KROQ's Almost Acoustic Christmas to sing "Glycerine," a hit from Bush's first album, Sixteen Stone. The No Doubt frontwoman walked onto the stage unannounced during the song's second verse and, according to Rolling Stone magazine, prompted the crowd to go wild.

"I thought it would be so powerful, the two of us on stage like that, that's what we went for," Rossdale told the mag.

He added that the duet was his wife's idea:

"She actually asked me about this and I was so surprised, I didn't say anything for two days. She said, 'Maybe we should do a song together.' And I couldn't answer her."

The two do not appear on stage with one another often, and doing it at the KROQ event was significant, because they met backstage at the same event 17 years ago.

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