Fleetwood Mac Hoping To Headline Glastonbury Next Year

Stevie Nicks has opened up about the forthcoming Fleetwood Mac reunion and says that the band would love to be considered for a headlining spot at Glastonbury. Speaking with NME, Nicks says she was inspired by Beyoncé's performance at its main Pyramid stage in 2011.

"When we were there [in the UK] in 2011, I watched it. I watched Beyoncé and it was pretty amazing! I had just got home from the Hyde Park thing, so I was just home from my own show and I turned on the TV and we had a pretty big screen in the hotel where we were, so I sat and watched like three hours, four hours of it, so would I love to do it? I'd Love to do it!"

Fleetwood Mac recently announced plans for a world tour and Nicks says they can't wait to head to the U.K.:

"We are coming to the U.K. It's on there, the pre-schedule that they start sending out to you. We have basically 50 shows in the United States and then a little break, then It looks like we are coming to England to do, probably like seven or eight shows."

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