Aerosmith's Tom Hamilton Considering Autobiography

Aerosmith bassist Tom Hamilton says he will likely be the next member of the band to write an autobiography. During a recent interview with the website Zoiks!, Hamilton says that he may be able to provide a unique perspective on the band's story:

"I think there probably will be. People have been asking me that. I always thought, 'OK, if you have two or three band members already having their book out, who wants to read another one?' I think maybe there is some perspective that I could bring to it that may not have been covered by the other three."

According to Hamilton, he may starting getting serious about the book as early as next year:

"I'll have to get myself into a disciplined patter of writing every day and I'll see what I come up with. I do have a lot that I've written over the years in terms of journaling."

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