Keith Urban And Taylor Swift Appear On New Tim McGraw Album

Taylor Swift and Keith Urban both appear on a new Tim McGraw song, called "Highway Don't Care." The song was written by Mark Irwin, Josh Kear, Brad Warren and Brett Warren and appears on McGraw's upcoming album Two Lanes of Freedom.

A press release describes the collaboration between McGraw, Urban, and Swift as a "breezy yet complex track."

Appropriately, the song is featured as number 13, rather than its sequential 11th position on the album, in a nod to Swift, a longtime friends of McGraw and his wife Faith Hill.

As for the album's title track, McGraw explains to Taste of Country:

"When we cut 'Two Lanes of Freedom,' there was such a freshness to it. The track has this sort of Gaelic drive to it and really sets a palette for the whole record because it's so visual - it has that summery, hazy image and I think that made the whole record open up for me."

Two Lanes of Freedom is due out February 5.

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