LeAnn Rimes' X Factor Performance Questioned

LeAnn Rimes, who joined 13 year old Carly Rose Sonenclar on X Factor Wednesday (December 19) for a performance of her hit "How Do I Live," has come under fire from some for trying to out perform the young girl. Other commentators suggested she was drunk.

"I love this girl so much," Rimes said after the song, hugging Sonenclar. "She's such an amazing talent; I want to wrap her up and just hold her!"

Whatever the case may be, Rimes took to Twitter the following day to defend herself from critics:

"It is a shame that gossip and lies are overshadowing the performance of Carly, a very talented young girl. And while I have not given any media outlet a quote, if you want one, here it is: 'It was an amazing opportunity to share this experience with Carly . . ."

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