Jessie J Postpones Tour Dates

Jessie J has confirmed that she has postponed her upcoming tour dates to focus on recording her new album. Jessie, who also appears as a judge on Britain's X Factor, has reportedly pushed the upcoming dates back to the end of 2013.

She broke news to fans in an official statement, saying she is truly sorry and she will make the wait worth it:

"I am honestly truly sorry but I hope you all can understand that it's just because I would like to take more time to finish my new album. I promise to make this tour my biggest and best ever and cannot wait for you all to hear my new songs."

She is also currently grieving the loss of one her most special fans, 7-year-old Daniel Sullivan, who died following a battle with a rare blood cancer.

Prior to his passing, Sullivan was able to meet Jessie and even appear with her on stage at a concert.

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