Carrie Underwood Prefers Not To Label Herself Or Her Music

When people try to label Carrie Underwood as a pop singer or a country singer, her view on the matter is that she doesn't like to label herself or her music. However she does choose to remain loyal to the genre that helped launch her career.

"I've never been one for doing remixes," Underwood tells the Boot. "Then I've gotta decide which version am I gonna be tonight: country Carrie or pop Carrie? I'd rather just make country music that anybody can get into no matter what they listen to. I'm not gonna try to make it something that it's not. I'm not gonna think, 'I need to 'countrify' this by adding more fiddles and steel guitar.' We do creatively what the song wants."

Underwood has sold more than 17 million singles and 13 million albums thanks in part to 13 number one singles earned at country radio.

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