Lionel Richie Buys Himself Seven Mercedes Cars For Christmas

Lionel Richie was feeling generous on Christmas. He bought himself seven Mercades Benz automobiles. The singer, reported the New York Post, was in a fanciful mood on the day in question:

"I decided to buy myself a Mercedes . . . In blue jeans and T-shirt, I walked into a Montgomery, Alabama, dealership and said, 'I'll buy seven Mercedes'. Staring, the guy asked, 'Son, you got some proof?'"

Once the dubious car dealer got proof of Richie's identification he was more helpful, added the singer:

"I had him call LA's Bank of America president. He hung up and segued from 'Son' to, 'Mr Richie, right this way, please'."

This holiday season, Richie has also worked with Scottish charity Cash for Kids, a non-profit organization which aims to get children in the country out of poverty.

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