Aerosmith's Steven Tyler Admits He's Not Too Fond Of This Is Spinal Tap

Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler is not a fan of Spinal Tap's well-traveled mockumentary This Is Spinal Tap!, feelings the former American Idol judge made known in a recently released interview by the Library of Congress.

"That movie [This Is Spinal Tap!] bummed me out, because I thought, 'How dare they? That's all real, and they're mocking it'" Tyler said in an interview with record industry executive Joe Smith in the mid-1980's.

Prior to his retirement, Smith recorded interviews with many acts he signed as the head of several labels, including Warner Bros., Elektra/Asylum and Capitol. The unedited tapes of those interviews sat in his garage for 25 years until earlier this year, when he donated them to the Library of Congress, which recently uploaded an initial round of 25 digitized interviews to its website.

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