Bruce Springsteen Photobombs Usher

Bruce Springsteen is up on his internet trends, as evidenced by his recent photobombing (i.e. jumping into the frame of another's picture at an opportune moment) of Usher.

On Sunday (December 30), Ush posted a composite of four photos of himself to the photo sharing site Instagram, where he goes by the screen name of "howuseeit." In the final picture, walking in front of him is the face of Bruce Springsteen.

"Was in NYC and trying to get a cool photo of me in the reflection and this guy photo bombed me. I would be mad but it was THE BOSS! Photobombed by THE BOSS! #cools-thappensinNYC," tweeted Usher.

Some fans questioned whether the man in the photo is actually Bruce. Hard to say, but it does bear a resemblance to the Jersey rocker.

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