Beyoncé Explains Meaning Behind Baddiebey Moniker

Beyoncé raised some eyebrows when, upon launching her Instagram account, she adopted the username Baddiebey. Now, a written note to the OMG Girlz from Lady Bey may have shed some light on the sobriquet.

"Hey, OMG!RLZ, Beautiful young ladies, thank you so much for the sweet things y'all said. You named my instagram, fyi! I'm very proud of you ladies. I hope to see y'all soon, Baddie B," reads the short, handwritten note.

In November the Girlz were featured on the Ishlist 36 where they counted down seven reasons why they felt Beyonce was "Baddie." Bey caught wind of the video and took the nickname for her Instagram username.

Since joining Instagram, Bey has pulled in well over one million users.

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