Keith Urban And John Travolta Sing 'Yesterday'

As if Keith Urban and John Travolta teaming up to sing together isn't odd enough, the song they chose to sing might be even odder. The unlikely duo got together recently in Beverly Hills to sing a rendition of the Beatles' "Yesterday."

The pair were both in attendance at an event for Qantas Airlines at the Montage Hotel when they apparently got the urge to hop up on stage.

Miranda Kerr, Liam Hemsworth, Daniel MacPherson and Zoe Ventoura, Anthony and Jonathon LaPaglia and Josh Lawson were also in attendance.

"It's a privilege to be able to lend my support to promoting the beauty and culture of Australia," Urban told the crowd. "There's a spirit about Australia that I see in our girls, even though they were born in Nashville. Strangely enough, Nic was born in Hawaii and I was born in New Zealand. But we were fully raised in Australia - all our childhood memories are Aussie."

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