Shania Twain Centre Closing This Year

The Shania Twain Centre in the country singer's hometown of Timmins, Ontario, will reportedly close down this year. According to a press statement from Timmins Mayor Tom Laughren, the facility grounds have been sold to a mining company and will close at the end of this month.

Laughren spoke with the CBC about the museum and said in recent years it has been a tough sell for local community:

"Any successful centre definitely needs local buy-in. Locals [need to be] taking people and, obviously, the last few years, that was not the case."

The museum houses memorabilia from Twain's career and charted her rise to success from Timmins to international stardom. City councillor Pat Bamford adds that the closure is not a statement on the town's relationship with Shania:

"We're not severing our relationship with Shania Twain. We're very proud of her."

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