Cyndi Lauper Launches New Reality Show

Cyndi Lauper has a new reality show, She's So Unusual, on the WE network. The program's title is a nod to her 1984 debut album of the same name.

"I never thought I was different" she told The Hollywood Reporter of the new program. "I always thought everybody else was."

Lauper added that adjusting to having cameras follow her around was not difficult:

"I usually do anyway because I'm a celebrity and am always doing a lot of different things and a lot of work, so I'm kind of used to it."

The show, which premiered January 12, centers on Cyndi's day-to-day life from writing her new play, Kinky Boots, to her charitable work, to her kicking back with her husband, actor David Thornton and 14-year-old son Declyn.

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