Mick Fleetwood Says Christine McVie May Rejoin Fleetwood Mac

Mick Fleetwood says that Christine McVie may be rejoining Fleetwood Mac after all. Stevie Nicks previously shot down any rumors about McVie's potential role in the upcoming Mac reunion, but now Mick says it's not so cut and dry.

Speaking with The Sun he said they've not only been in contact but he's convinced her talk reunion plans with the band:

"I'm seeing Chris here in London before I leave and even though she loathes flying and she's never been back to the United States since the day she left, she is getting on a plane and flying to Hawaii with me. I'm going to hold her hand all the way - even if I have to handcuff it," he said.

"We miss her and love her, and I hope I'm a part in persuading her to return. She's going to come and stay for three weeks in Maui - I'm getting goosebumps just thinking about it. John's going to come over from Honolulu to see her. And then she's going to LA to see Stevie, who misses her terribly and is really excited to see her. But it'll be her decision."

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