Stevie Nicks Talks Possibility Of Releasing New Fleetwood Mac Album

Stevie Nicks, who'll be joining Fleetwood Mac on their upcoming reunion tour, has hinted that the band is thinking about releasing a new studio album.

Speaking with Fox News, Nicks said F-Mac have three new songs, the reception of which will help them gauge fans' eagerness for more:

"If the public loves this - if they love these three [new] songs and we get back from them that they want more - then maybe we'll do more."

"If they just sort of like it and enjoy it, and it's not a big deal because that's what the music business is today, then we'll have had a great time doing these three songs and maybe we'll just make music for ourselves," she added.

The band's North American tour begins on April 4 at Columbus, Ohio's Nationwide Arena.

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