Kelly Clarkson Pushes Back Against Clive Davis

Kelly Clarkson did not apparently enjoy Sony Music creative chief Clive Davis' new memoir, which she says includes "memory lapses and misinformation," especially in relation to two of her hit songs, "Since U Been Gone" and "Because of You."

According to Davis' book, The Soundtrack of My Life, Clarkson did not want "Since U Been Gone" on her LP. She retorts, via her blog, that the statement is misleading.

"Not true at all," she claimed, adding she only wanted a bigger sound on the track, which she adds is a song she "couldn't be more proud of."

Davis also said that Kelly cried "hysterically" when he wanted to include "Because of You," a track she co-wrote on the album.

"Both Steve Ferrara and I loved the song and the record from the first listen," Davis wrote, adding that it "delivered on the promise that Kelly could indeed write hits."

Clarkson said she cried only after being told that Davis "hated" the song.

Davis said that the incidents described in the book were cross-checked by "five independent individuals" for verification.

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