Taylor Swift Sued For Canceled Festival Date

Taylor Swift has been slapped with a lawsuit for missing her performance at the Canadian Capital Hoedown music festival last year. The event was canceled because of internal issues within the event's production team, but now promoters are asking Swift to repay a portion of her fee.

The country/pop icon was paid $2.5 million up front to appear at the event, and now the promoters are asking her to return as much as $1.8 million, according to TMZ. Her reps say that they are not responsible for returning any of the money.

The suit notwithstanding, Taylor will kick off her 2013 Red tour next month, and, speaking with Taste of Country, she says she hopes to provide a good value to fans.

"I just want to be able, in this economy, to make a show that for fans is definitely a guarantee that they will be entertained enough to warrant them leaving their house, spending their evening with me, parking their car, waiting in line, maybe buy a T-shirt," she said.

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