Lady Gaga Received Pep Talk From Alex Rodriguez Before Hip Surgery

Lady Gaga, who is currently on the road to recovery following a hip surgery, got a pep talk before the procedure from Alex Rodriguez, star third baseman of the New York Yankees, who underwent a similar surgery a few weeks earlier.

A-Rod was particularly suited to assuage the Mother Monster's fears as he had not only the same injury, a labral tear, but the same doctor as well.

According to The New York Post, the two superstars arrived in the doctor's office at the same time, giving Rodriguez time to soothe Gaga's nerves.

"It's natural for anyone to be nervous ahead of this type of surgery, especially as a performer or athlete under tremendous pressure to make a quick recovery and be back at peak performance . . . Gaga was anxious, but Alex talked to her for a while and was able to reassure her," a source told the paper.

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