Carrie Underwood Donates Portion Of Ticket Sales To American Red Cross

Carrie Underwood is using her current Blown Away tour as a vehicle to give back by donating a portion of ticket sales to the American Red Cross.

"We kind of started something like this on the [last] tour, when there was a reference to 36 cents in the song 'Change'," Underwood told The Boot. "After seeing what a big difference that made, we decided to do something different on this tour, and we chose the Red Cross. It is such a wonderful organization to help people when they need it."

"It seems like weather-related accidents happen all the time, and then with the tour being called Blown Away, it was a great tie-in," she added. "They are appreciative and I'm excited to be able to present a giant check to them at the end of the tour."

Carrie's Blown Away tour continues with a stop in Las Vegas on March 2.

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