Carrie Underwood Won't Be Judging On X Factor

Though Carrie Underwood might have a fan in Simon Cowell, that doesn't exactly mean she'll be the next judge on the X Factor.

Cowell recently called in to a Chicago country radio station in order to debunk the rumors of Underwood taking a seat on the reality show's judging table.

"I heard that. It's news to me. It really, really is," he said. "I mean, I adore Carrie, you know. We found her on the show [American Idol]. She was a great contestant."

Cowell continued that he sees the success of country artists on these types of competition shows on the rise, and that he even knew Tate Stevens was going to win from the start.

"It's interesting, because often the country artists seem to be better now on these shows," he said. "And, actually, we wanted a country singer for X Factor last year. As soon as I heard Tate's first audition, I said, 'I think this guy's gonna win. And sure enough, he won."

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