Bob Seger Say's He Is Considering Retirement

Bob Seger says he may be considering retirement in the near future. Speaking with Canada's QMI, the Silver Bullet Band rocker admitted that he's "definitely nearing an end" of his touring days.

Seger recently launched a North American tour and also has plans for a new studio release later this year. Speaking with the site, however, he said age is starting to take a toll:

"I can't see myself doing this when I'm 70," said Seger, 67. "I've had a wonderful, wonderful run and my audiences have just kept coming and it's really nice but all good things have come to an end."

That said, Seger admitted he would consider one more road stint if his forthcoming new album takes off:

"If [the album does well], then we might tour another year," he said. "We'll see."

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