Billy Joel To Consider Retiring After Performing At Sydney Festival

Billy Joel is considering retiring from touring, dropping the bombshell during promotion for his appearance at the Stone Music Festival in Sydney, Australia.

"I want to see if it's time for me to get off the stage," he states. "There's a time when an athlete says I can't swing the bat anymore. So I get to feel it out . . . this will be a big test for me. I don't want to be that guy; I don't want to be Spinal Tap."

Joel recently told Rolling Stone that his body is starting to break down a bit.

"I had to get hip replacements in both hips. And now slowly but surely I'm kinda getting back to normal. I'd say I'm 85 percent. I can walk OK. I can't run like I used to."

Joel takes the stage at Stone Music fest in Sydney on April 21.

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