Billy Joel Honors Phil Ramone

Billy Joel has taken to the pages of Rolling Stone magazine to pay tribute to long-time friend and collaborator Phil Ramone, who died at the age of 79 from an ongoing battle with an aortic aneurysm.

In the extended eulogy, the Piano Man retells countless stories about working with the legendary record producer and how important Ramone was to Joel's sound.

Joel explained that Ramone came along in a critical moment in Joel's career when album sales were bad and the singer was struggling to find his sound on record. He says he hooked up with Ramone and "everything changed."

Ramone began work as producer on Joel's 1977 album, The Stranger, and eventually, "by the time we got to the end of making the whole album he was one of the guys in the band. He was probably the most important guy in the band as far as I was concerned. He brought it to life, he made it all happen on a recording which had never happened before. I was thrilled."

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