Beyoncé And Jay-Z's Cuba Trip Approved By U.S. Government

Beyonce and Jay-Z, who drew criticism from government officials questioning whether their anniversary vacay in Cuba was sanctioned, did not break any laws on the trek. In fact, it was approved beforehand by the U.S. Treasury Department.

A long-standing trade embargo against the nation prevents U.S. citizens from going there unlicensed. However, citing a "source familiar with the itinerary," Reuters said that the two entertainers had their trip approved by the Treasury Department before leaving.

The famous couple spent their fifth anniversary on the island, dining out, going on a tour around Havana and visiting local artists and nightclubs.

PerezHilton, speaking with a local waitress, found that the locals appreciated the visit:

"She was beautiful, without a drop of makeup, very natural. What happened with the people was incredible," said waitress Silvia Fernandez.

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