Woman Wakes From Five-Year Coma, Demands Bob Seger Tickets

A 79-year-old woman who was in a coma for five years following a stroke is about to get her wish to see a Bob Seger concert. Evie Branan of Flint Township, Michigan, came out of her coma in May 2012 and, according to the staff at Willowbrook Manor, her first words were "I want to go to a Bob Seger concert."

Branan has a ticket for the upcoming show at the Palace in Auburn Hills and also has an invitation to the concert's after party. Willowbrook administrator Michelle Cross was so inspired by Branan's miraculous recovery that she purchased the Bob Seger tickets for herself, Branan, and one of Branan's assistants.

As reported by UPI, this will be Branan's fourth Bob Seger concert. She is very thankful to have the opportunity to see her musical hero after such a long and serious illness. Her wish is to be able to hug "Bob Seger and give him a big smooch."

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