Boston's Tom Scholz Suing Former Bandmate For Trademark Infringement

Tom Scholz, Boston frontman, is suing the band's former guitarist, Barry Goudreau, for trademark infringement. According to the suit, Goudreau is guilty of harming the Boston brand, according to the Boston Globe.

Scholz says Goudreau's "persistent, unauthorized, and willful misuse" of the trademark "deprives Scholz of his ability to control fully the nature and quality of all (Boston) products and services."

When Goudreau left the band in 1979, Scholz says he signed an agreement stipulating "no interest, right nor title to the name 'Boston'" in exchange for 20% of the royalties of the band's first two albums.

The suit seeks to strip Goudreau of those royalties, while barring him from connecting himself to the band in the future. Scholz is also in a rights struggle over the band's copyrights with his former manager.

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