Carrie Underwood Advises Pet Owners To Stock Up On Benadryl

Carrie Underwood has a message for fellow dog owners: make sure to have proper medication around for your furry friend in case they have a run in with allergy-inducing insects. Apparently, the country singer saw her prized pup Penny have an allergic reaction after getting into some ants.

"Attention pet owners: Make sure to have Benadryl handy in case your dog gets stung," Underwood posted via Twitter and Instagram.

The singer also included a before and after pic of her dog, which showed the her face swollen and then returned to normal after the Benadryl was administered. "This is miss Penny before and after. I mean, what dog eats ants? She's fine now, but it made for a scary morning!"

Benadryl is an allergy and anti-itch medicine that is often given to people who suffer from seasonal or pet allergies.

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