Michael Jackson's Doctor Had Huge Debts, Detective Says

Conrad Murray, the doctor convicted of involuntarily killing Michael Jackson, was in the news again this week as a lawyer for Jacko's mother tried to prove that his desperate financial situation drove him to extremes in his treatment of the superstar.

Attorney Brian Panish, questioning police detective Orlando Martinez, who served as the lead investigator in the case, sought to unearth the debt that enveloped Murray at the time of MJ's death.

Panish is using the testimony to suggest that had concert promoter AEG had investigated Murray's background, they would have found an untrustworthy man with a mountain of debt.

Martinez said that Murray had eight children by seven different women and was supposed to be supporting all of them. He said the doctor was about to lose his home and his office in Las Vegas. Without his big payday from Jackson and AEG, he would have been in financial ruin, the detective added.

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