Taylor Swift And Ed Sheeran Have More Unheard Music They Recorded Together

It appears that more has come of the Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran collaboration than just her next single "Everything Has Changed."

Sheeran revealed to MTV News that they recorded several songs together.

"We did do a lot of stuff, but I don't know whose record it will end up on," Sheeran said. "We did three songs, and recorded two, and one went on her album, which is the next single. But we'll see what happens with the other one, there's no specific plan so far, it's just chilling on my iTunes right now."

There is no official word on Sheeran's plans for the unreleased track, though it appears he would be open to scrap it in favor of another duet with Swift.

"She's so down to earth, despite being one of the biggest acts of the planet," added Sheeran.

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