Fleetwood Mac Planning To Release More New Music

Fleetwood Mac fans might not have to wait too much longer for new music, as guitarist Lindsey Buckingham says the legendary band has around eight new tracks recorded.

Buckingham shared the good news with Billboard, adding that the eight new songs are four more than were included on the band's recently released Extended Play EP.

"It may be too early to tell where things are going to go," he said. "[But] it's safe to say there is more than these four songs that you're going to hear from Fleetwood Mac - it's just a question of how and when, y'know?"

He added that the fact that they are releasing new music independently changes things.

"The whole thing is just kind of wide open now, and it really is tantalizing to be able to put together just a few things, three or four songs on an EP. There is something quite effective about that, for sure."

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