Carrie Underwood Celebrates Governor's Veto Of Tennessee Ag-Gag Bill

Carrie Underwood's vocal opposition to Tennessee's so-called Ag-Gag bill has helped win support from Governor Bill Haslam, who says that he will veto the bill when it arrives on his desk.

The Animal Cruelty and Abuse bill would have made it illegal to shoot video on factory farms in order to expose animal cruelty, according to PETA. It would have also made it mandatory for such footage to be turned over to law enforcement within 48 hours.

Haslem said, referring to a report from the state's attorneys, that the regulations may have additionally violated first and fifth amendment rights.

For her activism, Underwood was told by state rep Andy Holt to "stick to singing"; however, several other groups chimed in on Underwood's side, including "newspaper editorial boards across Tennessee," who also criticized the bill, according to the Humane Society.

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