Mariah Carey's Reps Say She Did Not Lip-Sync On Idol

Mariah Carey's reps have denied that she lip-synced songs during a recent appearance on American Idol. The statement comes after many fans on Twitter questioned the performance on Sunday night.

"Great job on Idol last night Mariah Carey!! You lip-sync like an angel," one tweeter named Dax Holt wrote.

The singer's reps were quick to respond, however, saying the accusations are completely false:

"She ABSOLUTELY DID NOT lip-sync. She performed LIVE in front of several thousands of people!!!! (and did it 3 times!!)," Mariah's reps said in an official statement.

They added: "No LIP-SYNCING whatsoever! She did 3 takes and thrilled the crowd with singing little songs in between that we're NOT part of her medley.

Fox has issued no comment on the rumor.

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