Whitney Houston's Daughter Bobbi Kristina Evicted Over Drunken Parties

Bobbi Kristina, the daughter of the late Whitney Houston, has been evicted from her apartment along with her fiancée Nick Gordon after neighbors repeatedly complained of drunken parties, late night brawls and even threats against them. A report last week said that Bobbi left under her own volition, but that seems to be untrue.

The pair were living at AMLI North Point complex in Alpharetta, Georgia, where staff told the Express that a great deal of cleaning up was needed in the wake of their departure.

"Suffice it to say there was a great deal of work involved," a rep for the complex observed.

Bobbi, say relatives, is on a destructive rampage lately. The 20-year-old is due to receive the first payout of her inheritance (roughly $20 mil) next March when she turns 21.

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