Elton John Reveals New Album Cover

Elton John has unveiled the cover art for his upcoming album, The Diving Board. The image features a man, his back to the viewer, looking over the edge of a diving board with a vast ocean-scape in the background.

The Diving Board, Elton's collab with pianist/singer-songwriter Leon Russell, has yet to get a release date. It was originally set for release in 2012, but John's record company pushed the date back indefinitely.

Producer T-Bone Burnett told Rolling Stone that Elton wanted to take the extra time to get things right:

"There were like seven or eight songs that were so completely of a piece that they have an identity. I think he thought, 'You know, maybe I should write some more things in that mode so that the album has a tighter identity.' Some tunes were maybe too happy for the overall identity of the album."

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