Jessie J Stops Concert To Break Up Fighting Fans

Jessie J stopped her concert at the Isle of MTV show in Malta to scold some fans who were fighting each other.

After noticing that things were getting heated between a couple of concertgoers in the front row, Jessie halted her act and shined the spotlight on the offending fans.

"Stop the music . . . you guys in the front . . . One second . . . I need them to hear me," Jessie said in a fan shot video available online.

"See, I don't perform when people are fighting. Guys. Guys. Please! Okay, so here's the deal, right! Music is about bringing people together, OK! We don't need that angriness in your lives. OK! So kiss and make up, and let's party."

Jessie J's scolding did the trick as the fans stopped fighting and the rest of the concert went off without a hitch.

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