Boston Guitarist Ordered To Pay $132,000 In Court

Boston founder and guitarist Tom Scholz has been ordered to pay the Boston Herald $132,000 in court costs after his lawsuit for defamation against the newspaper failed.

The suit centered on the claim from Scholz that the Herald implied that he was responsible for the 2007 suicide of Brad Delp. Delp took his own life by carbon monoxide poisoning.

The Herald wrote, however, that Delp had been "beaten down by the years of dealing with Tom Scholz," which Scholz in turn claimed was tantamount to blaming him for the death.

Conversely, the court ruled the story was not defamatory because it was impossible to know why Delp had taken his life.

Superior Court Judge Frances McIntyre added that Scholz had to pay the defense cost to prevent news sources from "self-censorship":

"This court favours allowing costs in order that the expenses of litigation do not induce an unnecessary and undesirable self-censorship."

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