Aerosmith Rock Doc Set For Cinema Release In The UK

Aerosmith have confirmed that their new documentary, Rock for the Rising Sun, is set for release in ten select cinemas across the UK. The film details the band's trip to Japan following the nation's devastating tsunami in 2011. It hits theaters July 16.

In addition to the cinematic release, the band will also release the film on DVD, Bluray and digital download via Eagle Rock Entertainment on July 22.

The news comes at a busy time for Aerosmith, who will begin working on a new release soon, according to Steven Tyler:

"It's funny that it took that for the band to realize how important we are to each other . . . Somewhere along the line there it got the band happy again, and we thought, 'Holy s-, we gotta do a f-ing record right now!' So, yeah, that tour helped us to a new album," he told Billboard.

Rock for the Rising Sun will be screened at these locations:

Islington (London) Manchester Lowry Birmingham Leeds Light Sheffield Edinburgh Omni Cardiff Newcastle Under Lyme Portsmouth Swansea

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