Rod Stewart Looks Back On His Time With Jeff Beck And Faces

Rod Stewart recently sat down with M Music & Musicians to dish on his time with the Jeff Beck Group and the Faces. On his experience with Beck's band, Stewart said it taught him to be a better singer:

"Prior to that I was in bands with lots of musicians and singers. The Jeff Beck Group offered lots of fresh air and space. Jeff can be a busy guitar player when he wants to show off, but he can also be wonderfully economical. Just listening to Jeff's guitar taught me a lot about phrasing. I learned a lot from his guitar licks."

He added that the Faces had a more rowdy approach to making music than the Jeff Beck Group:

"With the Faces, our chemical was alcohol, unfortunately. We drank an awful lot. We used to drink port and brandy on an empty stomach, purposely, so that it would have twice the effect. How stupidly ruinous can you get? But still the shows were great."

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