Lady Gaga Requests Gag Order On Private Documents In Lawsuit

Lady Gaga is reportedly trying to halt the publication of what she calls "harmful details" to her career that have been included in a recent lawsuit.

The suit was filed as part of the pop icon's ongoing legal battle between her former collaborator and boyfriend, music producer Rob Fusari and another producer named Starland.

Starland claims to have met Gaga and introduced her to Fusari in 2005 after discussing a plan to discover a new pop star. Fusari later received a mult-million dollar payout from the singer after her career exploded - and now Starland says she is owed a portion of that money.

The Monster Mother now requests a gag order be issued in the suit to prevent the release of "sensitive, private and personal information" that she says could inflict "significant personal and professional harm."

A judge in the case is reportedly deliberating on the option to seal the documents.

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