Jennifer Lopez Covers W Magazine

Jennifer Lopez graces the cover of the August edition of W magazine, sporting a black lace see-through Gucci dress and jewelry from Cartier and Bulgari. "In bed with Jennifer Lopez," reads the cover copy.

On the inside, the mag returns to her hometown Bronx to revisit the place where she grew up.

"I'm the middle sister," she says in the article. "All three of us girls shared a room. I was into sports and dancing. I ran track. I have a lot of stamina. I was built for the long run."

She adds that her moved to Los Angeles prompted a good deal of culture shock:

"I hated L.A. I was asking, 'Where's the store for milk? Don't you guys walk on the street?' Now I love Los Angeles, but it doesn't give me strength the way the Bronx did. All the strength that I needed for life, I got from that neighborhood."

The August issue of W hits newsstands on July 16.

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